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Woodside Athletic Club is a private swim and tennis club located in Beverly Hills, Michigan. Established in 1965, Woodside has provided families in the area with exceptional outdoor recreation and fond memories that last a lifetime.

We are no longer accepting new members for the 2019 season. To be added to the wait list click the  "Join Woodside" tab.

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For important club information:  text @WACCLUB to 313-437-4306

Top story

Woodside came out on top versus Woodbrooke Hills - great job Sun Devils!  Go Woodside!


Welcome Scott Levitt, club manager - Scott is joining the Woodside team as our new club manager.  He comes to us with a vast amount of swim club experience at Beechwood and BHAC and is a teacher at Derby Middle School.  Please introduce yourselves to Scott. 

You can email him at wacmanager@gmail.com.  Any and all club concerns should be directed to Scott or an assistant manager.

Following is a list of our guards and staff this summer.  Please introduce yourselves and get to know these people.  

  • Grace Allen, lifeguard
  • Kalaya Anderson, clerk
  • Luke Balow, clerk
  • Mac Chalen, lifeguard
  • Joseph Ciemniecki, lifeguard
  • Daniel Chekal, lifeguard
  • Peter Checkal, lifeguard
  • Jordan Davis, clerk
  • Seth Denison, assist. manager
  • Jackson Flores, lifeguard
  • Morgan Flynn, clerk
  • Kallie Gaggos, lifeguard
  • Monika Gerber, lifeguard
  • Luke Hanson, lifeguard
  • Grace Anne Hilpaka, lifeguard
  • Madison Jennings, clerk
  • Marki Jennings, clerk
  • Alexandra Johnson, clerk
  • Rebecca Levitt, clerk
  • Kayla Kendricks, lifeguard
  • Brittany Koch, lifeguard
  • Katherine Keatting, lifeguard
  • Ashley Ladomer, lifeguard
  • Marissa Miller, clerk
  • Sabrina Miller, clerk
  • Patrick O'Brien, assist. manager
  • Joshua Paull, lifeguard
  • Samantha Paull, lifeguard
  • Brian Roberts, clerk
  • Camille, Rochaix, lifeguard
  • Jake Sazgari, clerk
  • Abigail Smith, lifeguard
  • Allison Sullivan, lifeguard
  • Jonathan Sullivan. lifeguard
  • Lily Tripp, clerk
  • Anthony Vecchio, lifeguard
  • Amelia Wright, lifeguard
  • Charlee Wright, lifeguard
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