Woodside Athletic Club is a private swim and tennis club located in Beverly Hills, Michigan. Established in 1965, Woodside has provided families in the area with exceptional outdoor recreation and fond memories that last a lifetime.

We are no longer accepting new members for the 2019 season. To be added to the wait list click the  "Join Woodside" tab.

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For important club information:  text @WACCLUB to 81010

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The Woodside Sun Devils finished the dual-meet season with a 3-3 record.  Good luck to all swimmers at B and A Finals.  Swim Fast!


Welcome Scott Levitt, club manager - Scott is joining the Woodside team as our new club manager.  He comes to us with a vast amount of swim club experience at Beechwood and BHAC and is a teacher at Derby Middle School.  Please introduce yourselves to Scott. 

You can email him at  Any and all club concerns should be directed to Scott or an assistant manager.

Following is a list of our guards and staff this summer.  Please introduce yourselves and get to know these people.  

  • Grace Allen, lifeguard
  • Kalaya Anderson, clerk
  • Luke Balow, clerk
  • Mac Chalen, lifeguard
  • Joseph Ciemniecki, lifeguard
  • Daniel Chekal, lifeguard
  • Peter Checkal, lifeguard
  • Jordan Davis, clerk
  • Seth Denison, assist. manager
  • Jackson Flores, lifeguard
  • Morgan Flynn, clerk
  • Kallie Gaggos, lifeguard
  • Monika Gerber, lifeguard
  • Luke Hanson, lifeguard
  • Grace Anne Hilpaka, lifeguard
  • Madison Jennings, clerk
  • Marki Jennings, clerk
  • Alexandra Johnson, clerk
  • Rebecca Levitt, clerk
  • Kayla Kendricks, lifeguard
  • Brittany Koch, lifeguard
  • Katherine Keatting, lifeguard
  • Ashley Ladomer, lifeguard
  • Marissa Miller, clerk
  • Sabrina Miller, clerk
  • Patrick O'Brien, assist. manager
  • Joshua Paull, lifeguard
  • Samantha Paull, lifeguard
  • Brian Roberts, clerk
  • Camille, Rochaix, lifeguard
  • Jake Sazgari, clerk
  • Abigail Smith, lifeguard
  • Allison Sullivan, lifeguard
  • Jonathan Sullivan. lifeguard
  • Lily Tripp, clerk
  • Anthony Vecchio, lifeguard
  • Amelia Wright, lifeguard
  • Charlee Wright, lifeguard
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