Woodside Athletic Club is a private swim and tennis club located in Beverly Hills, Michigan. Established in 1965, Woodside has provided families in the area with exceptional outdoor recreation and fond memories that last a lifetime.

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Woodside Athletic Club: COVID Approach and Rules


Our goal for the 2020 season is to enable members to enjoy the club while ensuring member and staff safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We will follow state and local rules, CDC guidelines, and published best practices for the safe and effective operation of Woodside Athletic Club.  The following rules and approaches are currently in effect at Woodside.  The Woodside Board may adjust these rules over time, based on the latest COVID situation and our own experiences with operating the club under these circumstances.

Our ability to offer a safe and enjoyable experience this summer is dependent on every member understanding and adhering to these rules.  We will have a zero-tolerance policy for those who violate these rules. Members that do not comply with staff instructions with regards to safety will be subject to suspension of their club privileges by the Board.


Current regulations and guidelines require that we operate the club at a limited capacity.  To manage the attendance numbers and provide our members with equal opportunities to attend and enjoy the club, we have implemented scheduled shifts for attendance and a reservation system. 

  • We are limiting admission to registered Woodside members only. 
  • Guests are not allowed.  Only those immediate family members listed on your membership are permitted.
  • We will not be offering August memberships for wait list families.

 The reservation system has been updated and runs from July 12 - Aug. 9.  As regulations change, the system may change as well. The total occupancy of the poolside of the club is not to exceed the regulated total occupancy, therefore we are splitting up the times that you can sign-up to come to Woodside.

July 12th - Aug 9th each member family is allotted to sign up for a total of 10 shifts:

o   5 Weekday afternoon shifts

o   2 Weekday evening shifts

o   3 Weekend shifts

Each week is split into 3 groupings

o   Weekday afternoons (M-F)

o   Weekday evenings (M-Th)

o   Weekends (Friday evening, Sat + Sun)

Each day is split into 2.5-hour shifts.  There will be a 30-minute cleaning period between each shift.  The shifts are:

o   12:00 - 2:30 p.m.

o   3:00 - 5:30 p.m.

o   6:00 - 9:00 p.m.


        Reservations can be made online using the link emailed to you from This link will available during the season so members can determine if walk-in space is likely available.

        On the signup website, there will be three links that correspond to each weekly grouping (weekdays, weeknights, weekends). 

o   After you select your date to attend, click “signup”.  Enter your name/phone info. Select 1 “# of spots” (for 1 family membership will be attending).  It is not to indicate the number of people coming.  Selecting anything more than “one” will waste your slots.

        Multiple signups can be used for the same day, i.e. spending all day (12-9) on a Saturday would use 3 weekend slots or if a member used the club from 3-9 on Thursday, a Weekday afternoon and Weekday evening slot would be used.

o   Notify staff at the end of each session so they can re-check you in. 

        Walk-ins are available.  At any time, members can “walk in” at the beginning of a shift, if there’s space available per that shift’s registration headcount.  This will be on a first come first serve basis starting 15 minutes after the scheduled start.  Walk-ins will not count as a signup. 

o   The signup website will show the number of slots registered and members can determine if space is available. I.E. if 10 slots are open at the start of a session, 10 walk-in slots are available. Please do NOT call the office to check about walk-in availability, check the signup site. 


        You will not lose your reservation if you arrive later than the beginning of the shift.

        Babysitters/caregivers can attend in place of the member adults.  Babysitters/caregivers are not allowed to attend at the same time as the member adults.

        All members must quickly pack up and exit the club at the end of each shift. You will be prompted by announcements.

        If a member made a reservation but no longer plans to attend, we ask that you cancel the reservation as far in advance as possible using the website.

        Large group gatherings and/or parties are not allowed.

        Woodside will monitor the reservation activity and reserves the right to cancel reservations that do not adhere to these rules.

Admission & Exit of the Club

The admission process will be carefully managed to ensure that anyone entering the club has a valid reservation and to ensure that we maintain thorough records of attendance as well as social distancing.

        Each member family must have a signed waiver and rules acknowledgment on file to enter the club.  Waivers will be available at the front desk.

        This season, children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

        Every person must check in every time that they enter the club, without exceptions.

        Members, over the age of 2, are required to wear face coverings when entering.

        Members are to enter the pool deck via the pavilion and exit by walking through the interior of the building and wait until the ramp is clear to proceed up.

        Come to the club ready to play tennis or swim.  The locker rooms are to be used for restrooms only.  No showering or changing is permitted.

At the end of each session, we will allow members to exit through the ramp gate nearest the tennis court entrance out front, by the two handicapped parking spots. This way members can exit while we start processing the next group, should there be any overlap.

Staff Safety Measures 

Our staff will follow safety practices to protect their own health and the health of those around them.  They will be trained on the safe and effective operation of the club and the rules and approaches described here.

        Each staff member will participate in a temperature check prior to each shift.

        Staff will wear face coverings while working indoors.

        Hand sanitizer, soap and cleaning products will be widely available for staff and members.

        During the cleaning breaks between shifts, staff will clean pool ladders, railings, countertops and other common surfaces. 

Pavilion and Food 

To reduce the risks associated with shared high-touch areas, some features of the club are closed and not available for use. 

        Food delivery service is currently not allowed.  If a member orders food delivery to the front desk, the food will not be permitted to be brought into the club.  No exceptions.

        The grills will be available, and we expect each member to properly wipe down all surfaces touched after use.

        Pavilion tables are appropriately spaced and are available for use.  One family per table. We expect each member to properly wipe down all surfaces after use. You are encouraged to bring additional wipes and we suggest bringing your own tablecloth.

        Initially, the snack shack will be closed in terms of any food/snack purchase.

        Members are asked to be extra diligent about disposing of their own trash. 

Pool and Pool Deck 

        The pool deck has been arranged to promote social distancing. Members are not to move or rearrange the furniture.

        Members should be respectful of one another’s space and observe appropriate social distancing, even when in the pool.

        The diving boards are available for use, pending the number of guards on duty.  Members waiting in line for the diving boards must maintain appropriate spacing as indicated by marks on the deck.

        The slides are closed.

        For sanitary reasons, we are not currently offering a Lost & Found. Any item left at the club will be disposed of at the end of the shift.

Tennis Courts, Sport Court, Game Room 

        Members should enter the tennis court area for the purpose of tennis only. 

        The sport court is currently closed.

  •    The game room is currently closed.


Are we allowed 10 sessions per time slot or 10 sessions total?

10 sessions total, for now.  Keep in mind the Governor’s order may change in the coming weeks.

Do we book sessions as individual members or families?

Each shift is per family, regardless of how many family members attend the session.

What if I cannot arrive to my reserved session when it starts?  Do I lose the reservation?

No, you will not lose your reservation. You may arrive anytime during that time slot.

Can other members join my family reservation if not everyone in my family will go to the club at the reserved time?

Unfortunately, no.  Reservations are per family only, regardless of how many family members go to the club.

Can I trade shifts with other members?

Every member is allotted 10 total sessions broken down over three categories. You can swap with any member for slots WITHIN the same category (aka time frame).

Can children under the age of 12 be at the club without an adult?

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

If I signed up for back-to-back sessions, do I have to leave the club?

You do not have to leave the club, but one family member must check in with the front desk for the next session. The pool will be closed between sessions as the guards will be down and we will be cleaning club.

Do walk in sessions count toward my allocated 10?

No they do not.

How do I know how many spots I have booked? 

Click the link at the top of the page that says “All Invitations” and you will then see a list of the 3 sign-ups, each showing how many spots you’re signed up for. Additionally, within each signup you can filter the view to show only “My Spots”

What if I want to change my previous spot selection? 

This is a self-service feature, please do not reach out to Simply cancel one of the reservations you’ve already made and select a new spot from those remaining with availability.

New Pool Manager

The board is excited to welcome a new manager, Derek Maynard, for the (hopefully) upcoming season. Derek lives in Clarkston with his wife and two kids (12th grade and 8th grade). Following is a letter from Derek.

Hello Woodside families. My name is Derek Maynard and I will be the new pool manager this season. All through my childhood my family spent our summer days at a swim and tennis club similar to Woodside. Some of my fondest childhood memories were made there. I understand that Woodside is a special place where families come to enjoy each other and provide a positive environment to raise their children. I will work hard to meet your expectations and help you build your own fond memories this summer. I look forward to meeting all of you very soon!

- Derek Maynard

Attention swim team families: We've been getting a lot of questions about the upcoming season.  Please check out this video from our beloved Coach Anne.  Stay home, stay safe!

A Message from the Woodside Board...

Hello Woodside Families,

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Throughout these unprecedented times, it’s family and friends (like our Woodside family) that help to create a sense of normalcy during the unknown.

As our homes, schools, work situations, and community continue to change, we as a Board recognize that many of you are thinking ahead to summer and wondering about Woodside. Rest assured, your Board is in frequent communication. We are monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic closely and will follow all guidelines, recommendations, and requirements provided by federal, state, and local officials as we plan for the upcoming season. As a privately-funded, volunteer-driven, neighborhood swim and tennis club, the safety of our Woodside community and guests has always been the board's number one priority and this situation is no exception.

Early spring is always an extremely busy time of year for the Board as we ramp up, preparing Woodside for a new season. This year provides its own unique set of challenges, as we work to ensure that Woodside is open and ready at the earliest opportunity that is safe.  Please remember state regulatory departments and pool companies are closed and inspections are delayed, which are complicating normal timelines this spring.

As this situation continues to evolve, we ask for your patience and understanding as we work to do what is best for the Woodside community and all of our members.

We will continue to provide Woodside updates as more information becomes available.

Swim & Tennis Teams:

We want everyone to know that we are in continued contact with the NSSL league and other clubs, and we are collectively planning for the seasons, however they may look different than past years.  Everyone wants to get back in the water and on the tennis courts as soon as it is safe to do so.

Given the current circumstances, we have decided to delay registration for both swim and tennis teams. The swim team registration previously scheduled for April 26 will be rescheduled once it is safe and there is a more clearly outlined direction from the NSSL league.  Tennis team registration will likewise be delayed until we have more direction.  Additionally, Spring Tune-Up won't take place in May.

We will continue to provide team updates as more information becomes available.  For the time being, stay home and be safe.

With Woodside Pride,

Eric Phillips, Board President & Your Woodside Board Members

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2020 DUES

Please pay your 2020 dues ASAP. 

We have a large waiting list. If you're planning to resign your membership this season, please do so at your earliest convenience so we may invite new families to join.  As of April 1, 2020, unpaid dues will increase by $50.

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