Some brief words about volunteering - it's MANDATORY!

With over 200 swimmers and many meets and social activities crammed into our short and sweet season, we need the manpower of every family to keep everything running smoothly.

 Here are the requirements:
·   3 shifts at a meet (marshalling*, concessions, ribbons, etc.); AND
·   1 social event (pizza party, B Finals party, banquet, etc.)

Here is the link to get you started (it's also on our Swim Team Home web page).

If you have a conflict, it is your responsibility to sign up somewhere else or contact us and we’ll assign you to another area in which to volunteer. 

Remember to check in with the chairperson when you arrive to volunteer at a meet or social event.  We will have each meet/social event chairperson equipped with a sign-in sheet, whether you are timing, working concessions, marshaling, etc. We want to ensure  you are accounted for and there is no confusion.   

We will continue to offer a lazy fee option to those families that are not able to fulfill their volunteer requirements.  This year that fee is $200.  Please understand that the fee doesn't substitute for a person on deck or behind the concession stand.  We cannot hire someone to take your marshalling shift.  

*A special note to those families with children 10 and under – By virtue of the age of your swimmer, your volunteer category/position during meets will be in the area of “marshaling.”

You will need to marshal for three shifts over the course of the season.  You may decide to complete two of your shifts at one meet, or work a single shift at 3 separate meets.  Not to worry if you don’t know what marshaling is – we provide on the job training!  

8 & Under Mini-Meet: Saturday, June 19, 2021

Woodside is once again hosting this important meet for all NSSL teams. This is a huge undertaking and for this reason, we will need all hands-on deck.  

We request that every family volunteer even if your child is not swimming in this meet. If you have teenagers, send them to help as well! This will count as one of the three of your swim team “meet” volunteer requirements.  We will need concession volunteers, timers, marshallers, etc.  Not only will this be an incredibly exciting day, this will also be a wonderful income generator for our team and a great way to showcase our renovations. 

Here is a link to the sign-up genius.

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