Rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all members and guests. The following rules and regulations apply to all members and their children as well as guests of the club.  Additional details and provisions are available in the club bylaws.



  • All cars will proceed slowly and carefully on the driveway and parking area. Speed limit shall be 10 miles per hour maximum.

  • Entrance and exits will be kept clear at all times. Park only in designated areas and never park in the North Georgetown neighborhood as residents will call the police to issue parking citations.

  • Do not park directly in front of the club house, even if you are just picking a child up. You will block traffic and create a safety issue.

  • Please be sure to keep dumpster area clear so the truck can come in and out.

  • All bicycles should be parked and locked only in designated bike rack area.

  • No member shall trespass on neighboring property on the way to the pool or on the way home from the pool.



  • Members must check in before entering pool area or recreation room. All guests must be registered, identified (new for 2020 - all members must have photos included in their family member profiles) and guest fees paid by a member before or upon entering. Failure to do so will result in automatic dismissal of that member and the guest for the day. (see Guests Policy section)

  • The club has no facilities for checking valuables and is not responsible for items left or stolen from the club or any club property. Please leave valuables at home.

  • No children under thirteen years of age will be permitted admittance to the pool after 6 p.m. without being accompanied by an adult or guardian.



  • Each member family shall be allowed the following guest privileges per calendar month: One family guest privilege, which consists of one or more members of any one family (i.e. family consists of husband, wife, and/or their children) or a group of up to four adults, and ten individual guest privileges.

  • Grounds privileges for guests are for one calendar day. The member having the guest will be charged $5.00 per person. Daily guest fees are half off after 6 p.m. Fees are payable at the club office.

  • Special Weekly rates – Bona Fide house guests (as outlined in the Bylaws) are defined as members of one family, who are staying with a member family in their home. Upon submission of identification at the pool to the club manager, house guest privileges may be granted for a period up to two weeks. House guests shall be extended special weekly rates of $15.00 per person or $25.00 per family.

  • Members shall be responsible for the payment of all charges or liabilities that may be imposed upon or incurred by members of their family to whom the privileges of the club shall have been extended, and for all charges and liabilities imposed upon or incurred by guests introduced by them.

  • Members shall "register" their party with the front desk to ensure we don't have multiple large parties on the same day/time. The club does not reserve picnic tables or private pool time for parties so please plan to come early to reserve a picnic table or two. Party guest fees are similar to daily guest fees and are also payable at the front desk. As with other guests, the front desk needs to have the name and emergency contact number for each non-adult guest.


  • Only authorized personnel may enter the office or concession stand at any time.

  • Woodside Athletic Club is a smoke-free facility.

  • The cost of any property damage will be charged to the responsible member. Members will be held responsible for property damage caused by their children and/or guests.

  • Order and discipline must and will be maintained at all times. This means the elimination of any practice, which is hazardous to others in the pool or on the pool deck.

  • No loud, rough or boisterous conduct or activities shall be allowed.

  • Parents are required to caution their children to observe all rules and obey instructions of the Pool Manager and other employees. Failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate suspension of pool privileges for the offending member and may also be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership by the Board of Directors, as set forth in the club bylaws.



  • All persons shall use the pool and its facilities at their own risk. The club will not be responsible for any accident or injury or loss or damage to person or property.

  • The pool staff has been given full authority by the directors to enforce these rules and also authorized to use their own discretion in matters relating to the safety and conduct of the membership and guests.

  • The manager and lifeguards are on duty to protect and assist you. It is their responsibility to enforce order and discipline at all times. It is your responsibility to support them. Lifeguards must not be engaged in conversation while on duty.

  • NO Running

  • NO Dunking

  • NO Pushing

  • NO Wrestling

  • NO Playing Tag

  • NO Diving - except in the diving well

  • NO Swimming under diving boards

  • NO Urinating in pool

  • NO Foul or abusive language

  • Admission may be refused to anyone with diarrhea, skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections, wearing bandages or band-aids.

  • All swimmers must take a soap shower before entering the pool.

  • Floating aids, face masks, snorkels and other accessories are not allowed in the pool area at any time, except during specially designated, club approved events.

  • No diapers of any kind are allowed in the main pool. Children who have not been toilet trained are not allowed in the main pool.
  • Use of pool when a lifeguard is not on duty or a sign “Pool Closed” posted is strictly prohibited.

  • No pets allowed on the pool deck.

  • Swimmers using the water slide shall remain on the top platform until given permission to slide by the attending lifeguard.


  • The pool may be closed at the discretion of the pool manager for health, weather or repair.

  • Prior to the end of the school year in the spring, part of the pool may be used daily from 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. for swim practice. The pool will also be closed 3 to 5 times per year for home swim meets and events. Members will have access to a nearby club on those evenings.


  • Diving is to be restricted to the diving area only. Diving is authorized only off the boards.

  • In diving, do not begin a dive until the next diver has emerged on the surface and moved out of the way. After you dive, surface and clear the area immediately for the next diver, either by swimming to the closest ladder at the side of the pool and exiting the water or swimming beyond the markers into the lane areas of the pool.

  • One diver on a board at a time.

  • No double bouncing on the diving boards.


  • Use of the baby pool shall be limited to children under six years of age unless special permission is obtained from the pool manager.

  • No lifeguard is on duty in the baby pool area. All children must be supervised by a parent, or adult member (18 years of age or older) within the enclosure.


  • The tennis courts are to be used for tennis play only.

  • No food or drink (aside from water) allowed on the court.

  • Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times on the court.

  • Normal club rules and guest fees apply to tennis as well. A limit of two guests is allowed per tennis foursome.

  • Please limit play to one hour if someone is waiting.


  • The recreation room will be closed during swim practices. No one should be in there at this time.

  • No eating or drinking in the recreation room at any time

  • Pool table for use by those over 6 years of age

  • Woodside is a recreational facility – gambling on the premises is not allowed


  • Food or refreshments are to be consumed only in the enclosed picnic area. Water is the only beverage allowed on the pool deck.

  • Please dispose of all trash/recyclables/returnables properly.

  • Clear your picnic table and surrounding area of all debris upon your departure.  

  • No glass containers of any kind allowed in the pool area.

  • The club shall not engage in the sale of alcoholic beverages, malt beverages or other intoxicants. No person shall be allowed to either enter or remain on the premises of the club nor be permitted to use any of the facilities of the club, while in an intoxicated condition. 

  • Members over 21 years of age may bring alcoholic beverages on the premises of the club for personal consumption provided that:

  1. The beverages are kept and consumed in the enclosed picnic area 

  2. The beverages are in metal or plastic containers only

  3. Minor children are not exposed to or allowed access to the alcoholic beverages

  4. No alcoholic beverage are allowed at swim meets



  • In the event of the divorce of a husband and wife or domestic partnership who are Members, their membership shall be suspended until their Membership Certificate is surrendered to the Club and replaced by a Membership Certificate to one spouse by written release from the other.

  • The non-custodial parent of children of the marriage may use the club without paying a guest fee when in the presence of his/her children.

 To review a copy of the Woodside Bylaws, click here - Woodside Bylaws.pdf

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